Are you the victim of medical negligence? Medical negligence takes many forms. In order to successfully litigate a medical malpractice action four elements must be proven.

  • A professional duty was owed to the patient

  • A breach of such duty occurred

  • Injury resulted from the breach

  • Damages-Due to the injury, economic and non-economic loss, such as pain and suffering resulted. 

Some examples of common types of medical malpractice are below:

  • Misdiagnosis 

  • Medication errors

  • Surgery errors

  • Anesthesia errors 

  • Negligence in Patient Treatment Follow up

  • Wrong Site Surgery

  • Foreign Object Left in a Patient

  • Unnecessary surgery 

  • Birth Injury-failure to perform c/section

  • Delay in diagnosis 

It is imperative to preserve any and all documentation in your possession pertaining to your claims of medical malpractice.

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