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always shooting for the stars

"I am so thankful for Antigone's support during one of the most difficult times in my life. All of my expectations and beyond were met. I fondly remember Antigone's reassuring smile, cheerfulness, and quick assessment of issues at hand. Antigone is a caring, fierce advocate that I would highly recommend to anyone in need. Her wits and hard work made us obtain a jury verdict in my favor. I have to note that my trial happened in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic but Antigone remained unphased throughout the procedure. My family and I are forever grateful!" — Elise N.

"Antigone Curis is driven, hard working and a relentless lawyer. She commits herself to her clients and works day and night to fight for them. Antigone was such a superstar with my case and above all, was a true friend at the time I needed one most. I'm thankful for all she has done for me, and have no doubt that she will continue to fight for every client that she represents." — Alyssa T.

"When I committed to myself to make a stand for what happened to me I was extremely hesitant to share with anyone, let alone strangers. Antigone was a breath of fresh air that allowed me to feel safe and stand up.  She was very delicate and professional about gaining history knowledge of the incident.  As there were follow up questions throughout the investigation she was very understanding and sensitive, while always knowing how to ask difficult questions with tact.  Additionally her experience and calming demeanor gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing. I could not be more happy with my choice to work with her and ecstatic that I am able to put it all behind me and move forward with my life."  James Walker

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